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Stashbuster Afghan

to use up all those odds and ends you have left over from the other finished projects

Stashbuster Afghans

This is one of those projects that if you're into color combinations you will want to do again and again. Depending upon what color you choose as the main color the variations are endless for this afghan.

These use up all those leftovers you have from your other projects very quickly. As you can see from the photo you can strand more than one yarn together to get a heathered effect or some special color and texture variations. You can use decorative stitches when making one of these but the color combinations add a lot of interest all on their own.
NOTE: You do need to pay attention to your knitting tension when working with different weight yarns. If you pull too tightly on the thinner yarn this will cause the afghan to buckle where the tension changes. Makes it hard to fold neatly when that happens.


Seven assorted partial or full skeins of yarn in coordinating colors. As you can see from the picture if I run out of one color that I've chosen, I move on to another partial skein for when that color comes up in the rotation again. That also adds interest to the colorway of the blanket.
Designate one color as the main color for the afghan, you will need approximately 4-5 full skeins of that color.
Knitting needles Size 8 (or size that will work with the yarn that you've chosen)
Large eye yarn needle

Finished Size

40" x 65" - this makes an excellant size for a recliner blanket or taking a nap on the couch.


Totally dependant upon the yarn being used. The pattern is set up for knitting worsted weight yarn.

Afghan pattern

Using the MC loosely cast on 200 sts. Work in Seed Stitch (k1, p1, reverse on the next row) for 5 inches from the beginning of the afghan.
On the next row, work 25 sts in Seed Stich, place marker, knit to the last 25 sts, place marker, work in established pattern in Seed Stitch to finish the row.
On the next row, work the border in Seed Stitch using the MC, attach another color being sure to cross the yarn strands to avoid any holes on the border edge, purl the main body of the afghan to the marker, attach another skein of the MC, finish the row with the Seed Stitch border.
Repeat the previous two rows in pattern until the afghan measures 60 inches from the beginning.
The colorway as per the picture for the Blue Stashbuster Afghan is as follows -
Color # of Rows
Light Blue 5
Main color 2
Green 3
Main color 2
Gray 1
Main color 2
Varigated 3
Main color 2
Dark Blue 5
Main color 2
Purple 3
Main color 2
Neutral/Brown 1
Main color 2
Light Blue 3 The 7 yarn colorway begins again here
Main color 2
Green 5
Main color 2

When the colorway begins again you're at a different point in the row number progression. This helps to add color interest to the afghan instead of having the same colors form the same row repeats throughout.

Continue to work in the established color pattern with the number of rows given above until the afghan measures 60 inches from the beginning.
Use the MC to work the final Knit or Purl row.

Work the remaining 5 inches of the afghan in Seed Stitch using the MC to complete the border. Bind off all stitches loosely.


Weave in all loose ends.
Take a warm and cozy nap under your new afghan.

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